Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kibbles and Bits

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to give some updates about what's going on around Beau's, yo. First of all, the Jazz Festival was a smashing success. Thanks to everyone who did their part by raising a glass or two of Lug Tread along with Beau's new summer seasonal, Festivale. Anonymous quote from LCBO employee: "yeah, my buddy tried Festivale at Jazz a few nights ago, and then I find out he's going again tonight. Asked him who he's going to see, he has no idea. He just can't stop thinking about your Festivale..." Rumour around town is that Jazz sold more beer this year than in the history of the festival... but you didn't hear it here, ok???

We have a filling machine for our jugs and bottles now that replaces the old beer gun filling!!!!!Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, this incredible machine does the work of (steady yourself) two humans!!! That's right, it fills two bottles instead of one at a time. Does anyone else find it funny that the person running the filling machine around the clock is named Phil? Cause I sure do. We also have a nice packaging person now named Joanne. She calls Phil "Philly." Which I also find funny.

We have also thrown around some money at the brewery for some pricy upgrades. Come up for a tour and check out our:

a) Newly painted floor--not one, but two coats! You may need to wear shades.

b) New upright cooler in the retail space--not new, but covered in new paint and woodgrain mactac, and darn new to us! Using wizardry previously only available to LCBOs stores in the 1980s, this puppy creates a curtain of air that kind of keeps the beer cool!

c) Newly improved Matt's ribs! Our brewer Matt is back in gear again. They say your bones heal stronger than before you broke them, so I say Matt is new and improved.

d) New retail store and tour gal! Nikki (hey, that's how I would spell it) is taking over the smiling happy person role from Laura, who's spending the summer getting hitched, touring Newfoundland, and getting ready for teacher's college.

e) New flourescent bulbs in brewery! I helped dad change them myself.

f) New water heating system! Talk to Steve about this one. The gist of it is that now we can use hot water any day of the week, without screwing up cleanings, brews, or filters. Hoorah!

g) New policy for bottle returns!!! Olay, so there's less excitement about this one. Due to a bit of red tape we can no longer offer $2 in cold hard cash for your ceramic returns, but we will offer the standard 20 cents AS WELL AS $2 per bottle towards any purchase of promo items in the store. Save em up, cash em in, drink in style.

I'm sure there's other stuff, but it's time to do the real work. Happy summer, Lug Nuts! We're hoping to put out a new seasonal in the fall that's gonna knock your socks off... stay tuned!

Cheers, Jen