Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pics of First Annual Beau's Oktoberfest Party!

Young fraulein Ruby dances to celebrate the season, even though Mommy Beau is freezing.

Denise Beau gives a 50L keg the old heave-ho while the Master of Nightmarzen watches.

Keg toss in action!!! (I think this was Laura Beau)

The afterparty at Steve's rages on with the wildest of guests...

Media papparazzi scramble to get photos of this exclusive shin-dig!

Steve pouring himself a little more Nightmarzen... the beer is awesome! We've got some left even after the party, come down to brewery for a sample while you can.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oktoberfest Party this Saturday!

So the other day we took the last partial keg of of summer seasonal Festivale-Plus, and put it into six staff growlers... and then drank em. Sorry kids, but she's all gone now. I'd be sad if it wasn't for the fact that our new seasonal should be** getting kegged today! (see note after).

We had a number of names thrown into the hat for what to call this new beer, an Oktoberfest Marzen style. We wanted something kind of fall-like... how bout harvesty? Turns out "Harvest Moon" is already brewed in the US by Coors... (insert involuntary shudder, and move on.) Kev liked "Die Marzen, Die!" and while Dad thought "Horn of Plenty" had a nice ring, Steve much preferred "Plenty of Horn." (Steve did point out that his first choice was still "Dirty Old Hoe.")

We finally settled on Phil's suggestion, so our spooky fall seasonal is called Night.Marzen. We'll be launching it this Saturday at the brewery at our Oktoberfest party, 1-6 (and don't miss the afterparty at Steve's place!) We will be having fun stuff like a keg toss contest, Oktoberfest-style food, and brewery band The Oh Yeahs is rumoured to be having a practice sometime before then... (when is that again, guys? call me.) So they'll be rocking out, Steve says around 5.

Oh yeah, we're on a path of destruction and mayhem too: THINGS THAT HAVE BROKEN DOWN/GOT BROKEN THIS WEEK

The delivery truck, on the 417 Thursday night
The filter... don't worry, we're on it
Dad's back, again
Two jugs, in the cargo van
The cargo van, in Kingston Wednesday night
One ceramic, in Jen's car

**Matt is losing his mind because our filter keeps taking the day off without telling him. He hired an assistant brewer, Alex, perhaps to intimidate the filter into working better. Yay, new peeps at the brewery! We also have a new delivery hero, whose name we're pretty sure is Todd. Bumpers beware, he is a menace to both the van and the contents, and we're happy to have him and Alex kicking around. Nicole and Joanne are the other new smiley faces around the brewery--staff partys are now officially more than a gathering!

In other news, with the colder weather here, the brewery atmosphere has switched from smolderingly hot to freezingly cold. If you have a Beau on your Christmas list, we all need long underwear. STAT.

Hope to see you all on Saturday! Cheers, Jen