Monday, December 08, 2008

What's Shakin this December

So, here it is December and we're all crazy and stuff at Beau's. If you haven't heard it, be sure to check out our Christmasy phone message. You may have no choice but to check it out, since Mom-Beau who is usually in the office is now usually in the store chatting with folks who've come by for a taste, talk, tour, or take-out.

The LCBOs we deal with will happily agree that it has been a while since our last shortage of bottles/tags/beer/boxes/insert here. Yes, we have managed to run out of all these things in the last nine months. So things are going a bit more smoothly in that department. (She said, three weeks before Christmas). Thanks to everyone who's enjoyed Beau's a la bottle since March, and to our now 40 LCBO stores in Eastern Ontario who are stocking these stuffers. (subliminal messaging)...

At the brewery, we are taking advantage of Christmas, this traditional slow season for sales, to build a tasting space in the brewery. We have an event coming up December 18th, which gave us the apprpopriate boot in the butt to get this space built. More about the event to follow, I have heard something about Amnesty International and celebrity attendance.

Other news:

Current temp in the brewery and outer sales office: 8 degrees
Temp in Steve's office: about 11 degrees
Where Jen made sales calls from today: Steve's office
Brewery dress code: Arctic casual
Bog Water: About a week and a half away from ready, we hope!

Oh, and Phil's hands hurt. He says they are on fire. Anyone with a cure for firey hands, fess em up. Cheers!