Monday, June 05, 2006

Lug is On the Way

Here's the latest news on Beau's, as told by Steve to Steve's sister. Steve is out-of-order right now with migraines, but hopes to be up and boozing again soon.

The first batch is on. Yup, the Lug Tread is officially on its way. There were some issues with the yeast showing up dead, which somehow sounds sadder than it really is considering they are one-celled organisms. Steve tracked down some replacement yeast from a kind soul in St. Louis and the brewing went on. Steve has promised to tell this story in a forthcoming blog entry called "yeast of burden."

It is looking like the glassware is going to be delayed for the bar launch, which is a drag. Beau's ordered some nifty kolsh glasswaren from Germany, but apparently Germany has had an alpenhorn-ful of national holidays lately, so production has not stayed on schedule. They are being logoized etc. Beau's T-shirts are in... and they rock. I don't know how you can get one, but I highly recommend you do. They are super-comfy and stylish too.

Did you know a coaster costs almost ten cents to make? Think about that the next time you snap one of those suckers just for fun. Beau's has ordered a small run of these puppies from the good folks at Steve noted that, funnily enough, he met CC at a U.S. trade show last month. Go figure.

The second pilot batch (co-pilot? autopilot?) is just about ready. Was supposed to be good to go last weekend, but Matt put the kaibosh on that, saying it needed one more week. We defer to his authority. Plus it keeps the boozin' Beau's dirty little paws off of what is supposed to be sales material. There's a reason Pilot #1 went down in flames so quickly after being brewed.

I think that's it for now. Sales team is moving out and hitting the streets soon, so hopefully we'll have funny sales tales to tell in the next few weeks!

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