Monday, May 07, 2007

Beer + Friends + Scaffolding = Good times!

Jen "Beau" here: Just wanted to post a quick picture of this weekend's project: we got a crew working on putting up the barnboard to transform the ol' factory into something that looks like a place where we make Beau's. We also got to working on the retail space, hand-staining wood for signage, building a bar top, putting down high-end peel n stick on the floor, etc. A special thanks to dudes like Gabe, who came out to help cause he's a dude. And three cheers for how good Buddy D's mural looks. Renovational hijinx included:
  • Kevin caught a hammer that was heading for Steve's head. Got the claw in the finger, but saved Steve's precious head. Applied bandaid. Soothed pain with beer.
  • It took three of us to figure out how the heck the scaffolding went together.
  • Jen had to go to the lumber supply store to ask for "rough strapping" and all they gave her was 1x4s.
  • Jen got to do her first brewery tour, pointing out 1) the beer-making vessels, 2) the beer storage vessels, 3) kegs that were full, 4) kegs that were empty... and then came up short on anything else she knew about how Matt spends his days.
  • Phil worn a yellow apron-belt, and declared himself and his dad "belt buddies."
  • Dad sacrificed his back for the good of the company. Advil is his new best friend.
  • Jen laid the peel n stick amazingly straight, and then had to take a cab home. Don't ask about the painting.
  • Kevin nailed Phil right in the pouch.
  • Jamie puts the skill in skillsaw! Next time I'm getting him a jigsaw so I can see a jig too.

The fun and games will continue right up until Thursday the 17th.... hope to see you there! Steve has more pics of the renos to come, and a blog about us learning to blog at an OCB meeting in Toronto. Blogtastic!

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Steve Beauchesne said...

huh huh, nailed his bag...huh...huh.

My thumb is turning purple. Stupid hammer.