Monday, May 28, 2007

What's in Your Walle... I mean, Fridge?

Hey! The OCB (Ontario Craft Brewers--Beau's is a member) just started up a blog, too. (those guys are always weezing my juice) is my latest post on that blog:

So, a couple days after our Grand Opening at Beau’s, I got an email from Lindsay Porter, who came to the brewery with her fiancĂ© and parents over the weekend and she sent a couple photos she had taken. One of the pics was of our beer in her fridge. I don’t know why, but it was one of my proudest moments.

So I got to thinking…wouldn’t it be cool if we had a photo archive of people’s fridges with OCB beer in ‘em. I’ll start it off with a pic of Lindsay’s fridge.

So blog readers, this is your homework assignment –
  1. buy an OCB beer
  2. put it in your fridge
  3. take a picture
  4. (optional) drink the beer

We'll post the pics up on the interweb and if we get to 100 before the end of June we'll put the names of everyone who sent one in and we'll send that person something cool. I'd like to say a fridge, cause that would be really cool, but I don't know what we can give yet, (because I''m just kind of making this up as I go)...but trust me, it will be really cool.

PS: 50 bonus points to the first person who can tell me where the phrase "weezing the juice" comes from.



Canada's Capital Chapter said...

Hey Steve,

Great idea. Weezing the juice came from the movie 'Encino Man'.

Now, where can I cash in my points?! :P


Steve said...

Hey Bud-deee,

Email me your address and I'll send you some flat things. Or you can hold on to your points for something less flat.