Friday, December 14, 2007

Sad News out of Windsor

I read today that Walkerville Brewing out of Windsor has filed for bankruptcy. It was a very shocking reminder for me of how difficult it can be to thrive in this industry. I've met Karen many times and she is a very upbeat, dynamic person, so I'm hopeful she'll turn this around still. In the meantime, why don't we all go hunt down a 6-pack of Walkerville and toast Karen and her award-winning beer.

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TommyB said...


You made me curious about the Walkerville Brewing Company (that I had never heard of) that you say is filing for bankruptcy. I grew up in Aldershot, did some schooling in Guelph and London Ontario and had never tried their beers. What a great history for a company to have. I might use their story for my Canadian History class at some point. I certainly hope they can turn the company back towards profit. I would love to know the series of events that lead to bankruptcy of such regional craft brewery that seems to closely resemble Beau's business plan.

TommyB ; )