Thursday, April 17, 2008

Suppliers and Demand

We're on the cusp of total craziness at the brewery right now between patio season being official here (yay!) and keeping up with our launch into the LCBO. Steve and brewer Matt are in San Diego this weekend at the World Cup of Beer, where we have entered Lug Tread (category 69!) and Bog Water to be judged with their peers. Awards are given out Saturday night, and if they don't win Steve and Matt are going bar-hopping in Tiajuana to drown their sorrows --so let's really hope we at least place so they come back in one piece.

Thanks to everyone at the LCBO and the nice people drinking our beer for being patient with us while our newest cermaic bottle supply was en route. They are in Montreal, hopefully painted and dry, and supposed to arrive tomorrow. Anyone with 48 hours of nothing to do this weekend should come down and learn to wield a beer gun here at the brewery, we're going to have all guns blazing as we fill around the clock. (The Citizen has an online video of beer gun shenanigans here:

What else?? We've got a couple of new accounts pouring our beer these days: Schnitzel's in Cornwall, and Confederation Place Hotel in Kingston. For golf lovers you'll be able to drink some Beau's at the Marshes this year, and also at Loch March whenever all this snow melts.

Oh yeah, and we're the official beer of the TD Trust Ottawa International Jazz Festival this summer, where we'll be launching a new style of beer for the summer festivals of 2008: we're going call the new baby Festivale (festive ale... get it???), and Matt's brewing the first batch as soon as he gets back from Tiajuana... er... San Diego this weekend. It's an altbier, a nice summer German Ale we hope you're gonna love.

Raise a glass to the start of patio season this weekend! Cheers, Jen Beau-James

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Anonymous said...

My goodness I can't say enough good stuff about your beer and am now uber excited about your festival ale!