Monday, January 26, 2009

All I (All I) Wanna Do is Drink, ahem, Maple Syrup For Breakfast

I have to thank Sarah Haase and family for reminding me of one of my favourite Replacement’s songs. She recently sent me this email:


Love, love your beer.... but once the bottle is done, best use for it after that is a maple syrup bottle!! We buy large quantities of maple syrup at a time, the tins of which are impossible to pour from. So instead we decant the maple syrup into empty Beau's bottle's which then can re-seal, put back in the fridge and you have the perfect pour! Also a great talking point when you have someone for breakfast and you put a beer bottle on the table with their pancakes. Thanks for a great product, both the beer and the bottles.

The Haase Family”

And she was kind enough to show me our bottle in action:

Tips for reusing our bottles (remember, you can’t see through it, so make sure its clean):
Most important is to make sure you very thoroughly rinse out the bottle as soon as you empty it (yum).
You are best to put in products that aren’t likely to spoil (vinegar, syrup, oil, etc).
Make sure you re-clean it between uses.

Thanks again Sarah and family, looks like a tasty breakfast.
…now I gotta go eat some Bar-b-que chips.


Sean said...

Wouldn't you prefer people to return your bottles?

I'd expect them to cost a small fortune... much more than the deposit... ?

Then again, reminding people of your delicious beverage every time they eat pancakes probably has plenty of value in itself.


Steve said...

Don't get me wrong, we like getting bottles back, but we like creativity even more!