Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looking at another "Oh Crap" Friday

To keep our beer as fresh as possible, we’ve been running a system that works like this: We get our orders in, filter only as much as we have on order, keg it the same day as it is filtered, deliver it the next day, repeat next week.

As sales have grown, we’ve been adding new delivery routes and more vehicles, but we always try to leave Friday as our “Oh Crap” day. As in “Oh crap, our downtown orders completely fill the truck and the cargo van, we’ll need to do another trip on Friday.” Or “Oh crap, our LCBO sales are twice as big this week and there is no way we’ll have enough filled for our Wednesday deliveries..so we’ll have to send out another vehicle on Friday”. Or today's “Oh crap, the truck broke down for the third time in a row and all we have left in the parking lot is a minivan, I guess we’ll have to rent a truck and send it out on Friday.”

It’s a good fail safe, but this week will mark the 5th consecutive week we’ve been delivering on Friday, which means we need to do something about it. So we’re hiring a student to do a few shifts a week bottling for us and it looks like we’ll be buying a new truck (boo) in the next week or so as well. Because if we don't, then the "oh crap" might start to mean "Oh crap, we're going to miss a delivery" and that's just not cool.

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