Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Breaking Ground...Not!

So last weekend Kevin (brother-in-law and assistant brewer) and I headed up to the Golden Tap awards. It was a fantastic night, lots of hanging out with brewers, friends, and beer fanatics.

We did really well, too, which was awesome. A few more plaques to put up on the wall is awesome and humbling at the same time. After the ceremony a few of us went to C’est What for a last beer of the evening (thanks to Kevin for making sure we didn’t continue past C’est What).

While at C’est What I met a guy who seemed pretty unimpressed with the whole thing and came right out and said we might be ok for Ontario, but really hadn’t done anything groundbreaking.

Forgetting momentarily that the customer is always right, I got into a heated debate about how much ground a brewery could possibly break in a short three year time span. I held up our organic certification, our obscure beer styles (the only production-brewery making a Kolsch in this part of the world, the first to use bogmyrtle, a sticke, to name a few) and a bunch of other things; but it seemed to this guy that unless we were aging our beer inside live leprechauns and powering the brewery on the positive thoughts of benevolent magi, that we were pretty ho-hum.

During the conversation, many of the US ground breakers like DogFish Head and New Belgium Brewing came up over and over.

Which is part of the reason why it was so cool to get an email yesterday from Alex Jesse, purchasing agent for New Belgium. She was surfing the web and came across our brewery and I guess she liked what she saw. Alex offered some kind words and a VIP tour of New Belgium if we could make it up that way.

I guess if Beau’s can impress the companies that inspired us when we were getting started (and still do), we’re doing something right…groundbreaking or not.


Ben said...

Congrats - LIttle steps take you a long way! Keep it up - read the whole blog last week - inspiring! I may be getting myself into the same mess in the next year if all goes well.

From Los Angeles, CA - BGuzman

Alan said...

Gold:"...unless we were aging our beer inside live leprechauns..."

Sounds like you met one of the forces of over-preciousness that are coming out of the woodwork more and more these days. Did you mention that you are worthy because you actually make good beer? Next time, if you are unlucky enough to have a next time, mention that Dogfish Head is getting a bit boring. Make a beer bore's head implode.

A Good Beer Blog

Anonymous said...

Way to go Beaus gang! I knew the Lugtread was a great beer for everyone's tastebuds the first time I had a sample at your first Wine & Food Show. Keep up the great work and see you soon.

Ottawa, ON

Anonymous said...

Aging in live leprechauns is sustainable since assumably they aren't hurt in the process.

Any thoughts on if this is something that may be explored by the brewery..and if so, would it impact your organic certification?

as a side note, I think you guys are doing a fine job!

Anonymous said...

The clocktower brewpub makes a Kolsh.

Steve Beauchesne said...

That's right, the Clocktower makes a Kolsch as do a couple other brewpubs from time to time...I guess I should have been more specific and said we were the only production brewery making a Kolsch. I'll update the entry - thanks!

Paul_in_Ottawa said...

Sadly, there's a segment of the population in this country that has a big chip on their shoulder when it comes to the USA, and anything that's local can't be any have to search for 'good' south of the border. Don't let it bother you as your success speaks for itself. Speaking of success...the Oktoberfest was awesome. I hope it will be a yearly event. Night Marzen was great.

Anonymous said...

"aging our beer inside live leprechauns and powering the brewery on the positive thoughts of benevolent magi" made my day hahah.

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