Friday, November 27, 2009

BottleWorks Update

I received this update on our collaborative effort with Operation Come Home today, and thought I would share it:

Since launching in November 2008, the Bottleworks social enterprise has greatly increased its client list and now services more than 45+ restaurants, hotels and condominiums as well as operating 6 Beau’s All Natural Brewery depots around the City of Ottawa. The enterprise is making some significant money with bottle collections and will have the ability to sustain the enterprise for many more years to come. To date the program has hired 14 youth to participate on a full time basis. This opportunity has allowed participants to gain on the job training skills leading to future employment or returning to school. In addition, many of the youth that have worked for BottleWorks have found safe, affordable housing.

Thank you to all the restaurants, hotels, condominiums and individuals who have donated their bottles to us! Your on-going bottle donations and support are very much appreciated.

BottleWorks is continually seeking additional establishments who require bottle collection as well as potential Beau’s drop off depots. Please call 613-860-2323 if you have any suggestions or ideas for our social enterprise.


Anonymous said...

What are we supposed to do with the lovely bottles 6 hours away in Toronto? Is there a depot set up for it now that you are available here?


Rob Gillies said...

I picked up some of your fine brew in Kingston but live in Ridgefield, NJ. I'd love to be able to return the bottles (except 1). Any suggestions or ideas?