Friday, December 11, 2009

the coolest stuff I got

Ok, so here's the top ten cool things I got...not necessarily in order of coolness.

I've received an email from someone in England saying they were sending something in and could I please wait, but I gotta get this out before Christmas and I can't wait any longer. If its really cool though, I'll still send you something Darryl!

So here we go...

1. Totem pole! This gets the book plus the jersey
2. Grenade! Greg from Ottawa took my "blow my mind" phrasing a little too literally
3. Oktoberfest mask! Phil and Astli-Lisa made a cool lizard mask using one of our Oktoberfest hats
4. Tweet! Pat set me up with a twitter account - which was cool till I dropped my iphone in the toilet and now I can't text anymore. That's not Pat's fault though, so he still gets a book.
5. 70's beer! - Walter sent me a cool pic of him in the 70's at the cottage with a beeramid and an old radio on the picnic table. Way too nostalgic not to win a prize.
6. Giving is the new black! Dave helped raise over $62,000 for the Champions For Children World Trivia Night fundraising event
7. Apple booze! Christian sent a youtube video of him making apple cider. Its not beer, but it'll still earn him a book
8. Electrified! Darren sent in one of the 1,400 shots he took of a lightning storm in Ottawa. Out of the 1,400 pictures a total of 14 actually captured lightning creating instant chaos on film
9. Sumo! Steven's sumo suit shenanigans earn him a book, too.
10. Ironic photography! Jonathan's picture outside of the VKH LCBO was too good to turn down.

Thanks to everyone for sending in so much cool stuff. I'm sorry you couldn't all win, but I ran out of books.


Scott said...

That's awesome Steve. That totem pole is pretty cool!

So, what's your account name on Twitter? Been looking for Beau's on there for quite some time.

Steve Beauchesne said...

I don't know! Beausbeer or something like that. I'm still learning how to use it.