Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gold, Canada, Gold!

Phil and I are still having a great tie in Vncouver (except buying counterfeit tickets to last night's bronze medal hockey game - that sucked). At the athletes reception at Ontario House, Premier Dalton McGuinty suggested we adopt a chant of "Gold, Canada, Gold" - so I figure, why not.

Ontario House is seeing more than 10,000 visitors per day. It seems that once the word got out that they had great food and beer and weren't gouging people, that it has become probably The place to be.

I'll be one of the 10,000 there today again, hoping for a fairy tale hockey gold to give us the Olympic record for most Gold's ever.


Tom Megginson said...

I hope you're several fine beers into the Gold Medal party by now.

Greg said...

That's kind of funny, my sister was in Vancouver and she said the exact same thing about Ontario Pavaillion, she heard that it had good beer and that they had the cheapest beer prices of any Olympic venue and lots of good Ontario beer.

Rachelle said...

You guys should blog more often. What information you do put up is nice to see. Especially since I love your beer!

Just thought i'd let you know that I'm giving you the kreativ blogger award on my site:

Anonymous said...

Beaver River...It's a beautiful thing!