Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We haven't really been announcing it very much, but the Ontario Gov't asked us if we'd like to have our beer featured at the Olympics. We shipped down about 3,000 litres for them to have at the Ontario House Paviliion. Ontario is going for a real wow-'em on the food and drink offerings of Ontario, so they've got Jamie Kennedy doing demo's, crazy good food (according to the Vancouver Sun) and Ontario made wind and beer.

I can't really comment on the wine, but alongside Beau's is Great Lakes, and Mill St., which is a pretty great lineup, if you ask me.

After hemming and hawing for a few weeks on how much it costs to go out to Vancouver, my brother Philip and I decided that we absolutely had to go. I hate shipping beer and crossing my fingers and the opportunity to show so many people from so many places who we are and what our beer is all about was just too much to bear.

So we booked flights and landed in Vancouver last night. We're just about to head down to Ontario House to go see what LugTread tastes like in Vancouver.

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