Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I hope she said yes...UPDATE #1

It looks like love is alive and well with the Beau's fans these days; here is the update I got from Bruce this morning:

"She said Yes!

Our story begins on November 25 2008, with a first date drink, at Patty’s Pub in Ottawa. Leanna, already familiar with the organic Lug•Tread lagered ale, introduced me to it then. The story begins to write itself. At Christmas that year, after many great dates, I chose my presents carefully and thoughtfully considering the story I could see unfolding. A ceramic bottle of Lug•tread was amongst the gifts and held special significance.

The relationship grew and strengthened. At around 6 months, I noticed an article on Beau’s brewery, and pictures of Steve and Tim Beauchesne in the Ottawa Express newspaper. I also circled the name of a restaurant, Fraser CafĂ©, written in that same newspaper issue. I took Leanna there for our 1 year mark, and we shared Beau’s beer to celebrate with a great meal of local and in-season foods.

For our 1 ½ year mark it had to be special and the timing was perfect. Our relationship was at that point and it was exciting thinking of the moments that we've already shared and the many more to come, together. I wanted to make this extra special and decided in early April to weave in a special moment with a familiar thread to our story. After pitching an idea to Steve and Tim to personalize this for the two of us, they agreed without hesitation. Brewed with Love, the day and its plan was coming together nicely. Coordinating with Steve, Beau’s prepared a special sticker over the cap of the bottle dated “November 25 2008”, the date when our relationship was brewed. On the bottom of the bottle, “Can I be your Beau for life?” spelled out my intentions clearly.

After a private tour with Nicole, and discrete placement of the bottle into my backpack, we headed out on a hike and picnic in Gatineau Park; one of Leanna’s favourite things to do. She might have had an idea that the question would be asked sometime….maybe not that day but sometime soon, but she definitely didn’t know answers to two other questions: how, and where. I was hoping she had the answer to at least 1 question though. I spread out a tablecloth on the grounds of the Mackenzie King estate, under a beautiful white pine shade tree, on a hot day.

I took out the bottle, and mentioned it was a special bottle with special labelling. Leanna picked it up and reading the sticker underneath, it gave me just enough time to pull the ring box out of my left pocket while down on my right knee. I asked those famous 4 words and she said "Yes" without hesitation. We poured a celebratory drink, but not of champagne.

It capped off a great day. Thank you very much to Beau’s Brewery for helping to make this a very special day for the both of us; one that will be in our memories forever. Many more successes to you as you continue to grow, flourish, and strengthen.

All our best,

Leanna and Bruce


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet! And very nice of you guys to help him out in such a special way.

Marysol said...


How sweet...

Jay said...

Awesome news with a fantastic and orginal proposal. All the best for a special future for you both.


Jennifer said...

What a great story! Congrats to my friends and I think I will also have a Beaus to celebrate! :)