Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Date With Jordan

We needed to do a poster run in Ottawa for Oktoberfest, and I hadn't gone postering since my punk rock days, so it seemed like a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.  For anyone not in the know, postering is where you tape or staple signs to lamp posts in the city.  Ottawa is great for this because they have actual poster collars on specific lampposts so you can poster without feeling bad about where you put the poster.

Talking to Jordan, our creative director, we decided to make a whole day of it, and I put it into my calendar as Steve and Jordan Go On A Date.  In the notes I put 'Lots of hand holding' and HR manager, Karen added 'awkward'.

Our date started early, getting picked up by Jordan and his girlfriend Tina (I'm a progressive guy; I'm cool with that).  We got into Ottawa and met up with fellow posterers Sean, Matt, Erin (and her dog Zona) and we divided into 3 teams, Jordan and I taking the market area.

Warm sun, slow strolls, and tape guns make for a great combination and we had a fun time.  By 1pm we'd finished up and met the rest of the crew for lunch at Lieutenants Pump.  We were joined by Jamie, his very pregnant wife Jenn, our Sales Manager and brewer Chris.  

After lunch we piles into the car and visited the St. Albert Curd Festival.  Threat of storm that never came had a lot of vendors closed down, but our booth stayed strong and we had a few samples and watched a couple rounds of the intertown challenge, which was pretty funny.  We were joined by friends  Chris and Meaghan and the gang got bigger.

Next, we picked up some steak and lettuce to go with the, corn, sausage and Caesar salad ingredients Jordan and Tina already had for a quiet dinner at home.

Then off to the Vankleek Hill fair...Beau's never really sells a lot say the Fair, it seems like the one event we do that never really does well for us, but we were sponsoring a car in the demolition derby (Lisa did great!) and lots of people are in town, so it made for a fun outing all the same.

Our evening together ended with a night cap at the Windsor tavern.  We packed a whole lot of fun into yesterday.  I hope Jordan asks me out again!

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