Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two Beaus In the Snow

Before it all melts, here is one more photo of the winter of never-ending snow. Eric Beauchesne decided to wash away his golf course dreams for now with a yummy glass of Beau's winter seasonal ale, Bog Water. Get yer Bog Water soon if you want to tuck some away for next winter, yo.


Anonymous said...

I'll stop complaining about the snow down here in Kingston now. Wow.

Frosty TheBeerMan said...

I tried Lug Tread for the first time last night ( March 28, 2008 ) and really enjoyed this beer. Great taste, and very easy to quaff. I see more of this beer in my future.

I've posted it a picture of the beautiful bottle on my beer and pizza blog. You can also see a little video I did on YouTube, and also an HD versio on my Vimeo site.



Lug Tread Tribute:

Lug Tread tribute in HD:
( make sure to press "full screen" to see HD full screen.

Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. said...

I can't stop watching the mesmerizing video!!!!

Frosty TheBeerMan said...

It's even better after a few pints of Lug Tread, and a pint of Bog Water ! :-)

Anonymous said...

what isn't?

Out In The Street said...

I've liked Beau's since I first tried it when I saw it added to the menu at the manx pub in Ottawa.

Today I noticed it at the LCBO in those really cool (figuratively and litteraly) clay, resealable swing cap bottles. Tastes even better then out of the tap. Now I can narrow my wandering time significantly in the beer section :)
Glad to see it available in stores now!