Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A different way to get startup funding

Mystery Brewing Co. is looking to get started as a contract brewing company in North Carolina and he's using an online pledging system to raise the funds.

Check it out here...

Think of how many home brewers out there want to start a brewery but can't possibly figure out how to raise the funds. Think of the way that this program can fundamentally change the process of raising seed money. Think of what effect this could have on everything from craft beer, to small scale farming, to artisanal cheese, to... I digress.

Good luck Mystery Brewing Co. I hope you succeed and prove the model.

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Alan said...

For some time, I have supported KIVA, the micro lending funder of tiny projects in the third world. I usually lend money to folks trying to set up a hop or a bar - as long as their listing includes "beer" you can have my 25 bucks.

But wouldn't it be interesting to use the same model for craft brewers and beer bars here in North America.