Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Birthday to Beau's (oh yeah, and Canada, too!)


Beau's turns 4 years old today. Four years ago, Pete from the Black Tomato drove his tractor in from the country and parked it in front of his restaurant to help us celebrate as we passed out samples from our first ever batch of beer. The Manx was closed on Canada Day, so we couldn't go there until the next day, but we did make it out to both Clocktowers for more sampling.

We learned that day that Canada Day is more of a celebrate being Canadian day than a "listen to me tell you about this new beer" day, so ever since we've been pretty low key about celebrating, but a year later Ron Eade made us the feature in his annual Ode to Ale feature and it seems ever since the Citizen has helped us celebrate...I can't find the link to our first Ode to Ale on the Citizen page, but
see year 2

and this year

and this, too (this year's ode is actually about a new brewery in the area, but its nice to see us get a couple mentions, too).

So hooray and thanks to the Ottawa Citizen for once again helping us celebrate our birthday! I'm going to drink a LugTread now.

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