Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Good Reasons to Go Organic

Beau's is a National Champion sponsor of Organic Week. They just sent us this list of 10 Good reasons to go organic, so I thought I'd share it with you.

1. YOU CAN TRUST IT Organic products meet strict standards of organic certification, So you can be certain your food is both grown and handled according to organic standards

2. IT’S MONEY WELL SPENT Though organics can cost a little more, prices are based on the true cost of production

3. YOU’LL CUT CHEMICAL USE Organic agriculture reduces the risk from agri-chemicals polluting the air,water and earth sustaining us

4. NATURE IS NOURISHED By not using chemicals and nitrogen that leach into the soil, organic food protects and conserves our water resources and builds richer soils. Organic agriculture enhances biodiversity

5. IT ENCOURAGES INNOVATION Organic farmers have developed farming practices to minimize agriculture’s impact on the environment, It is a green technology

6. IT DEFENDS DIVERSITY Biodiversity, that is. Biodiversity is the variety of species living on our planet, and studies show many organic fields contain more wild plants, species and birds than non-organic farms.

7. IT REACHES OUT RURALLY Organic agriculture supoprts small farms & offers new markets for local farmers

8. THERE’S NO LIMIT Today in every food category, you can find organic alternatives

9. IT’S GOOD FOR THE EARTH Like reforestation, research is showing that organic agriculture could positively impact the global warming crisis

10. YOU’LL FEEL BETTER Organic food is rich with nutrients an disease fighting anti-oxidants

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