Monday, August 30, 2010

Last week of summer, next week our production increases (hopefully)

This weekend that just passed proved to be a rather busy one, Dad was pouring at the Muskoka beer festival with Darren and Rob; Jason was keeping the taps flowing at the Capital Pride Festival (our 5th year of involvement) and Nikki and I were rammed at a brand new inter-provincial, local food festival in Lefaivre and Montebello.

With our new brewer Rob in place, we are hopefull that by next week we can start shipping a bit more beer out. My sister (and our sales manager) giggled and pointed out that we're just in time to miss summer completely. Oh well - just think of how ready we'll be for next year!

Speaking of expanding, in finance news, we're meeting with our new BDC rep to sign papers for a pre-approved loan. It is part of a government program designed to spur the economy except that its not a grant and the interest rate is the same as any other loan. That said, it is still very welcome and will go immediately into more equipment to help us keep growing.

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